“Don’t shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like.”

– David Alan Harvey 

Photo Booth by Mail

Booth By Mail is a DIY photo booth offering the easiest and most affordable photo booth experience to clients for their wedding, corporate event, birthday party, prom, new year’s party, or any other event you can imagine. It was  started to solve a simple problem… everyone wants a photo booth at their event, but not everyone can afford it. The main cost of the photo booth is the attendant, yet the attendant mostly stands around doing nothing! Don’t pay for things you don’t need! With photo booth by mail it allows clients the same great experience at half the cost! The Mail Order Photo Booth concept is exploding since clients realize they can run the booth themselves…they just need the equipment/software to rent from us. Book us today and have unlimited fun without the cost of the attendant! No tools or experience needed…it’s quick, easy, and fun! Photo booth equipment and software is so user friendly, from a 5 year old to a 105  year old…anyone can do it!


  1. DIY photo booth equipment in easy to load carrying case
  2. Compact and user friendly printer for strips on demand
  3. Silver or champagne sequin backdrop
  4. Props for fun faces
  5. Free shipping or delivery to and from
  6. Easy 5 minute set up
  7. Unlimited fun

*Printing includes 100 prints to make 200 photo strips. This is usually enough for 4-5 hours. Additional 100 prints are available for $50.

Investment starting at: $279


Is it difficult to set up the photo booth?

No, the equipment is extremely easy to set up. No tools or experience required! Additionally, the photo booth software is designed to be very user friendly. The days when a booth attendant were needed are gone! Run the booth yourself and save hundreds! We give you everything you’ll need all in one place.

Are prints included?

Yes, each order includes enough prints to easy cover a 4-5 hour event. The booth is delivered with enough paper and ink to print 100 times which makes 200 photo strips. Most of the time this is all you will ever need. If more prints are desired, an extra 100 prints can be added for an additional $50.

Are props included?

Yes, each order includes enough props to have a blast at your event. Many clients also add additional props on their own to customize the photo booth to their specific event.

How do the guests receive their photos?

Multiple options are given to the guests at the end of the photo booth session. The guest is given the option to print photo strips, text, email, and share photos via social media.

What happens if I damage the equipment?

The equipment is designed to take a beating and remain functional. It is rare that the equipment will be damaged beyond repair. However, in the unlikely event that the client does damage the equipment beyond repair, the client will be charged a replacement cost fee. The replacement cost fee schedule is listed in Appendix A under the Terms and Conditions which are provided under the Book Now tab.

What if I am late returning the equipment?

The process is designed to allow simple and easy delivery and returns. UPS will deliver the order to your door with pickup already scheduled for the next business day following your event. After your event is over simply repack the items into the shipping case and set outside the same door your package was delivered to. A late fee of $100 is charged per day if the equipment is not returned. More details are available under the Terms and Conditions which are provided under the Book Now tab.

Does the photo booth require internet?

Yes, and No. The photo booth software allows the client to print photo strips, text, email, and share pictures via social media. If wifi is unavailable the photo booth will still allow the guests to print the photo strips which is usually the most popular option anyway.

What if there is a problem?

Problems with the photo booth equipment and software are extremely rare. The equipment and software are designed to be simple, easy, and don’t allow much room for problems to occur. In the unlikely event that a problem does occur, we are prepared! We give you all the tools necessary to resolve the issue quickly and easily. Our Support tab shows multiple videos that allow you to fix virtually any problem you may encounter.

How do I pay?

Once you decide to place your order, you will be prompted to enter your event date, shipping address, and payment. Payment in full is required to complete your order. Our website allows you to make the payment quickly and easily.

Is the shipping case heavy?

No, the total weight of the shipping case is about 18 lbs. The shipping case is easy to transport and doesn’t take up a lot of space.

How long do the batteries last?

We designed our equipment to run without wires so setup is quick and easy! Each order includes enough battery life to easily run the photo booth for 4-5 hours. If you’d like to go longer…no problem! The shipping case includes a charger for the photo booth tablet and a charger and spare battery for the video light. The only item that plugs in is the printer which can be setup anywhere within 10 feet of the photo booth. No wires means no mess!

Is the printer easy to reload?

Yes, it is very quick and easy. It takes about 30 seconds or less to reload the printer. Each order comes with enough paper and ink for 100 prints which makes 200 photo strips. This is usually enough to cover a 4-5 hour event. If additional prints are required, you can add another 100 prints for $50 at checkout.

Do I have to setup WIFI connections?

It depends. The photo booth and printer arrives with a wireless connection already setup for you so printing is already good to go right out of the box. How easy is that!? If you want your guests to have the extra option to also text and email their pictures… one more step is required. For this, simply connect the photo booth tablet and the printer to the WIFI available at your event location. A detailed video on this connection is available 24/7 under our Support tab and instructions are located within the shipping case. It’s very quick and easy!

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