“Sometimes I think the one thing I love most about being an adult is the right to buy candy whenever and wherever I want.”

-Ryan Gosling

Candy Buffets  

Candy Buffets are a fantastic multi purpose accessory for parties, events and weddings. A candy buffet costs less than hors d’oeuvres and can serve as a fun and decorative focal point. They also make tasty favors for your guests that most definitely will not end up in the trash or left behind. Candy Buffets are a  great way to get your guests engaged in your event so they aren’t stationary at a table. People of all ages, 2 to 100, love candy. Orchid Sauce even offers nostalgic candy which is sure to take your guests down memory lane.


  1. Variety of Unique Jars (rental included)
  2. Design of the candy buffet
  3. Décor of the buffet, ribbons, signage and props
  4. Linens for the table (rental included)
  5. Candy scoops and tongs (rental included)
  6. Take out Candy bags and ties
  7. Theme Accessories – fabric, candles, floral (rental included)
  8. Delivery and set up of buffet
  9. One hour round trip travel time is included in the rental fee

* Additional travel time will be billed at the rate of $30 per half hour 

*Extra hours can be purchased for buffet clean up. Orchid Sauce will return at the end of the party to make clean up a breeze.

Candy Cost

Small Candy Buffet

25 – 75 guests (5-7 candies – 6-10 jars)   $4.75 per guest (specialty $5.50)

Medium Candy Buffet

80 – 190 guests (7-9 candies – 10-13 jars)   $5.50 per guest (specialty $6.50)

Large Candy Buffet

200 – 300 guests (9-10 candies – 13-18 jars) $6.25 per guest (specialty $6.75)  

Balloon Bouquets

$24.95 per balloon bouquet – 3 Mylar 3 latex with candy weight
$15.95 per balloon bouquet – 6 latex with candy weight

Fresh Flower Centerpeices

Centerpieces starting at $17.95 with includes glass rental  deposit required

Themed tablescape decor

We will schedule a meeting for the design of your candy buffet tablescape because we know every table size and theme is unique in its needs. At this meeting we will determine additional decor needs and costs if necessary.

Requirements for booking

50% down
Final payment due 30 days prior to event
Signed contract


How much does it cost to do a buffet, I might DIY mine?

The cost of the candy from the store often matches what we charge for everything, then add purchasing jars, linens, favor boxes and assembling them, jar tags to make, table signs to buy or make, all adding up very quickly. That’s not including all the extra decor for themed tables. So now what do you do with all your jars, linens and supplies after? Some DIY stuff is fun but can consume more time than you expected, especially set up on the day of your event. We purchase things in bulk and wholesale so we can save significantly on costs to you.

If I don’t purchase extra time for clean up what do I do with it?

Since some events run late or don’t have a set time to end we can’t include clean up in our cost. If this is the case for your event you simply pack  up the table in the supplied packaging that is left behind at the event. Then simply return it to our office by 4pm on the Tuesday following your event date. 

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