“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson


To Candy Buffet or to Dessert Table– that is the question. . .

With so many fun ideas these days, thanks Pinterest no one sleeps anymore, it’s so hard to make a decision. Ladybug candy buffet side angle 1Should I have a candy buffet or dessert table at my event? Why should I have a candy buffet or dessert table? What the heck is the difference? Can I have a combination of the two? What’s this gonna cost?  We answer all those questions for you right here. Our head candy buffet designer, Erin Savcic, is gonna fill you in on the delicious details. By then, you’ll know which one will overwhelm you and your guests with delight. So go ahead and try a bite!

Should I have a candy buffet or dessert table at my event? And what’s the difference?

Well, let’s first give you a rundown of what each one typically consists of. A Candy Buffet is beautiful display of delicious candy that is personally designed to complement the color and theme of your event. The candy buffet usually consists of multiple types of candy varying in size and sometimes color. It will contain varying jars and sizes or plates and trays. The dishes are usually accompanied with tongs and scoops. Added décor is optional. A Dessert Buffet provides guests with a delectable array of sweets collectively displayed on a table. The colors, shapes and textures of decadent treats adds a visually appealing ending to any wedding or special event. The table typically consists of varying sizes of serving trays and plates, serving utensils and sometimes small cups for drinks, as well as optional added décor. As to whether or not you should, it’s a yes, it’s just a matter of which one.

What’s this gonna cost?

There are a lot of misconceptions about setting up a candy buffet. This can be an expensive part of an event and the amount of candy, the types of candy, the right size and amount of favor boxes, the correct types of jars and the appropriate scoops and tongs are all incredibly important components to making a successful candy buffet. To really set the aesthetics on fire you need some great décor items and flowers and we all know that can add up quick.

By thoroughly planning out your design, calculating the amount of candy you need, and watching for great deals, you can have a candy buffet that won’t be forgotten. It does take time to research and compare, purchase and design, create, transport and set up and then take down. If you do this DIY style then you have to try and resell all of your new jars and tongs you now own, so then you’ll need a little more time to commit to it. You can keep the jars and repurpose them since you are DIY type of gal. There are some places that you can also rent the jars from, that will save you on a couple steps. One other option is to hire someone to do it all for you. I know that most people ask “By hiring someone, doesn’t that make it more expensive?” The short answer is yes, some times. If you hire a friend to do it, they will probably still be paying retail for everything. You usually have to have a license or business to buy wholesale. Buying wholesale items and buying often typically gives way to better pricing. This ability helps to offset the cost of the designer creating your table. This usually allows the designer to incorporate more product for your money, too.

We have provided you with the math for calculating how much candy. Of course we would love to create a table for you but we also know some of you are even more design savvy than us. We just want to help in whatever way we can. We use the equation: 200 guests x 6 oz = 1,200 ounces (75 pounds) Using 7 to 10 candies = 5 to 10 pounds of each type of candy. As for the cost of candy, that’s largely going to depend on where and how you buy the candy. Going to a grocery store or going online can vary greatly. For our candy buffet pricing go to our price page right here.

Dessert table pricing can vary greatly. It’s going to be based greatly on what desserts you get and where you get your desserts from and whether or not your bakery of choice will set up a dessert table. If they won’t then you’ll have to set it up yourself. You can definitely find bakeries out there that will make the desserts and set up the table. You can decorate these tables as much or as little as you want. The same elements of design apply to these tables as the candy buffets, as well as their décor costs. The average dessert table prices run between $175-$500. For our dessert table pricing go to our price page right here.

Can I have a combination of the two?

Of course you can! First, it’s your day so there isn’t much you can’t have. Second, just make sure you budget right so that you can. That’s another good reason to hire someone to do the table, they will know how to budget it properly. Realistically speaking, if you can afford it then you can have it. Dessert tables and candy buffets actually are like PB&J. They compliment each other scrumptiously, both in flavor and appearance. So yes, please combine the two goodies for a little something that everyone will love, both young and old.

Why should I have a candy buffet or dessert table?

With all of the fun things you can do to add to your tables décor and to double as a guest favor, they can save you money on your events overall décor because they give a great focal point at your reception. No one wants a reception where people are sedentary, they want movement and laughter and fun. Candy Buffets and Dessert Tables a great way to get your guests up and moving and interacting. Once people start moving it gets the whole rooms energy moving. And there’s nothing like a good sugar kick to get you feeling ready to dance the night away. If you have a themed event, these tables can really set the tone for your theme or even your color scheme.

All in all, Candy Buffets and Dessert Tables definitely have our vote. We just love everything they have to offer and we love to design them. They’re fun, creative, tasty and will definitely leave your guests loving every bite!





The Adaptive Freedom Foundation

Many people spend more time planning the wedding than they do in planning the marriage.”Zig Ziglar
The first time I planned a wedding I thought it would be like in the movies; quick, easy and full of joy. Diving head first into a great big wedding is a lot like the alarm clock sounding in the wee hours of the morning when you didn’t get to bed at a descent time. Simply put, a rude awakening!

So why was I planning this wedding and not hiring a planner?

Call it DIY suicide or maybe just a control freak. I’m a glutton for punishment I guess. I’m extremely driven when it comes to proving there’s nothing I can’t do. I wanted to do it all, every last little detail, including the cake! I thought it would be easy, they were all things I loved to do anyway. I’ve made a giant flag cake, high heel and minion cupcakes, a paintball cake and more. I make crafts galore, I can decorate on any size budget, and I have loads of creativity pouring out of my soul. And the money? Well of course, I was going to save a TON of it by doing it myself, right!?! Wrong. Not to mention the time it took to research, design, create, find vendors, arrange seating charts, make and mess up and eventually cave and buy a cake, and, and, and! The lists seemed never ending. This of course was for my own wedding. My attention to detail was far too extreme, eventually leading to the inability to finalize any decision. Oh, the demands we put on ourselves!

Why should I have hired a wedding planner?

Planning a wedding is very stressful and not always fun. When we watch TV and see these DIY shows for homes, food, weddings, etc. we forget what we don’t see, the behind the scenes. There are so many details to take care of. My to do list consisted of so many things I began to make myself sick. I literally was losing weight the weeks prior to the big day, about 12lbs. to be exact. Now, I’m sure there are a few women who would love that but I can assure you that is not a healthy way to do it. Too many times to count I broke down crying, fought with my family and friends over opinions, and bit my man’s head off. I wanted nothing more than for the wedding to be over. I took the first day of the rest of our lives and turned it into a dreaded event.  Now I understood the true meaning of bridezilla. All to save money. I was so worried my special day wouldn’t be what I wanted and how I envisioned it. I thought by hiring a planner they would be imposing their will on my dream. Silliness. The planner would have been working for me, recommending for me, negotiating for me, serving as a mediator for me, providing me nothing more than advice and references for the industry they already knew. Its always best to save money but not at the expense of losing your sanity.

Lesson 1: Leave the boring work to the professionals who do it because they enjoy it and participate in the all the parts you enjoy.

Wedding planning takes A LOT of time. If wedding planning can be a full-time career/job for a professional, imagine how you are going to juggle that full-time job with your own full time job, family time for a fiancé or kids or other family and friends. Not everyone’s boss is ok with them stalking Pinterest on the company dime. Don’t worry we won’t tell! It’s so much more than we can even begin to fathom until we are waist deep in bridal planning. My weekends and nights and extremely earlyall-you-need-is-love-and-a-wedding-planner1 morning hours were dedicated to flower arrangement planning, cake design, décor choices and creating. I no longer had time for anything outside of my wedding. Now don’t get me wrong, of course there are exceptions to this rule. There are the brides who are naturals at it or have been planning it since they were 2 yrs. old and already know exactly how their wedding is going to look. Me personally, I wanted it all. After all, I planned to marry once and this was my chance to be the Disney princess I had watched growing up. The unity of a man and woman and their families is special and has always been celebrated that way and our day would be no different. In an age where DIY is so popular, we forget even they have help behind the scenes. They too, only have 24 hours in a day.

Lesson 2: We only have so many hours in the day and so many hands that can only work so fast. Share the load, there’s nothing wrong with it and you won’t lose any control of the end result.

Choosing a great vendor can be as hard as finding a lifelong friend. What are you supposed to look for in a vendor? What things should I ask for from the vendor? How do I know who to negotiate with and when? I had only been on it for 21 short years when I assumed everyone had the same work ethic my parents instilled in me. They do not all come in one shape and size. Some are people who will keep their word and follow through with every promise they make. They will work tirelessly to make sure this happens jumping through burning hoops of fire. Others care only about getting your hard-earned dollars in the easiest way they can. This brings us back to lesson 2, how much time can you dedicate to the milelong lists of vendors? When you are on a timeline you don’t have much time in the way of trial and error and weeding out the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes the only way to get a discount is through a wedding planner. Planners provide vendors with repeat business where as a couple does not. The repeat business gives them an incentive to provide the planner with a better price. They want to please the planner so that they continue to come back. They know couples won’t be returning. The planner can also help with any contracts you must enter in with the vendor to ensure there are no hidden costs, fees or lack of services.

Lesson 3: Refer to lesson 2 and leave the friendly vendor finding to the professionals who have already learned about the good, the bad and the ugly in their industry.

I have to Negotiate? Of course! When you have a wedding planner on board they will do all of that for you, no matter what vendor you decide to use. They will help you get the best rates and the most bang for your buck. This alone will offset the cost of a wedding planner. We’ve already told you how their super human stress relieving and time management powers are worth their weight in gold. Now they can help you further by saving you money on every vendor you employ. Wedding planers only charge you based on the services you agree to beforehand. They won’t surprise you with a giant bill at the end of the wedding. They can also help stretch your budget because they know what things will have the largest impact and are the most important. They can also help you to understand what things are necessary.

Lesson 4: Save time and money by utilizing a wedding planner. You won’t get tricked or cheated.

Last minute issues. With only 11 days to our wedding, I was doing a practice run with our wedding cake. Nothing was going as planned. I would like to blame the issue with our cake on something other than my stress levels, but that was the culprit. So naturally my normal cake abilities were at an all-time low and no matter how hard I tried, my cake was not working out. After crying multiple times from frustration overload, my soon to be husband came in and said “Honey, it’s time to let someone else help out.” Thankfully he was a chef and knew a lot of people and found someone to make us our wedding cake in 10 days. To this day, I can’t even put into words the relief I felt knowing that I had one less thing to worry about. It felt like a literal mountain was lifted off my shoulders. I spent the night crying and wishing I could go back to the moment I decided to do it all myself and just higher a planner. With all the issues I had come across, all the stress I endured, there wasn’t a single penny I wouldn’t have paid for the right wedding planner. If we had hired a planner from the beginning, none of the stress would have existed. Can you imagine what it would have been like trying to get ready on the day of the wedding if something had not gone accordingly, ugh! No thank you.

Lesson 5: Last minute issues are much more suited for the planner who deals with them regularly than the couple who does not. They are just small bumps to the planner and giant mountains to the couple.

Trying to find help elsewhere. When you have 8 million big and little to do’s the day of the event and you need to focus on getting ready, you have one of two options: 1) Do it yourself, which is way too difficult when you want to be relaxing and getting ready for your special day, or 2) Find help from others; family, friends and the bridal party. The problem is they are all probably coming to your special day and have to do lists as well and need to get ready. Usually the help isn’t volunteered, as was the case for our wedding, it may leave you feeling awkward asking for it. If you seek help from someone who wasn’t invited, then you’re left with feeling obligated to ask them to stay. It’s just not the easiest situation to put yourself in. Especially on the day when you want to be relaxing and hanging out with your bridal party, getting pampered and dolled up. Your groom wants to be hanging out with his guys and doing whatever they do. No one wants to be setting up the beverage station and candy buffet, or running to pick up cakes and hanging lights, etc. Its so much easier to pass that torch to the wedding planner who has her team to help and to handle any and all last minute issues. To do nothing but make sure your special day goes 100% according to your special plan.

Lesson 6: Don’t burden your guests and yourselves the day of, just hire someone, it’s so much easier.

Transitioning from ceremony to reception and clean up. Believe me when I say that you will not want to be worrying about transitioning from ceremony to reception after just going through the emotions of becoming Mr and Mrs. You just want to feel the love and happiness not making sure your guests get to where they need to be or making sure all the little things are finished before it begins. The wedding planner will be there to make sure your day stays on track and goes seamlessly. At the end of the reception you definitely will not want to be cleaning up your venue, which most will require. Good luck getting help at the end to clean up from your guests, too.

Whew! This was a lot to endure just writing it, can you imagine actually having to deal with it all. I did. A few years later I planned my brothers wedding because they loved how mine turned out. I was so excited because I knew what all I went through to achieve it and did not want them to experience their wedding in the same manner. I realized what a different experience it was when I planned for someone else. It’s all the same stresses I experienced but they aren’t experienced with the same emotions. When it’s your job, you approach the situation with more mental clarity and less personal attachment. You’re able to see things for what they are. It’s responding and not reacting.

Look into wedding planners all around your area. Rest assure that the time, energy and investment you put into that one task will save you time, energy, money and possibly tears further down the road on your journey to the alter.

Let us plan your wedding while you plan you marriage!